SDMS427 – Zenra Judo – Yumi Motoki


SDMS427 – Zenra Judo – Yumi Motoki
Actress: Yumi Motoki/Amateur
Studio: Soft on Demand
Series: Zenra
Release: 2008-05-22
Part No. SDMS427

SODs famed zenra (full nude) series started with the famed Zenra Ballet and produced some wild discoveries making something average into the hottest trend in AV. Running the gauntlet of themes, SOD has recruited a real opera singer, ice skater, and even a talented badminton player (who eventually became an AV starlet). The producers have yet again done another splendid job with their latest discovery Yumi Motoki, a stunningly beautiful judo practitioner with a black belt in kicking ass. Following in the footsteps of fellow practitioner Towa Mitsui (who is now one of the reigning big bust queens of AV), Yumi tantalizes us with using her body for things other than beating up weaker men. The title starts off with her demonstrating a few self defense moves on volunteers, eventually stripping down to her birthday suit for the full zenra judo experience. We also witness her battling another female in the art for cash and prizes (and maybe to avoid a “bukkake brawl” from the army of men in their undies standing in the background). Soon after, several male “judo practitioners” test their skill against the F-cup sized beauty which turns into a sex session, after sex session leading to several firsts – her first shiofuki (whale spouting), first 3P, and first time having sex on camera. A fantastic title that you’ll want to watch over and over again. Highly recommended for fans of athletic women, and SOD’s zenra themed series.

SDMS427 - Zenra Judo - Yumi Motoki





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