Amaenbou Vol. 2 – Shino Mizusawa


Amaenbou Vol. 2 – Shino Mizusawa
Starring: Shino Mizusawa
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Genre: Asian, Masturbation, Japanese, Dildos/Vibrators, Oral (Cumshots), SexSex
SKU#: 10106320
Release Date: 05/11/2010

Working 9 to 5 can be the most erotic part of the day! But this new employee who doesn’t know it! Shino Mizusawa getting fucked both her front and back tiny juciy holes by her boss and colleagues until they dump a load in her tight pussy after being fucked hard.








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Your Comments

  1. ST27 says:

    I think “Amaenbou Vol. 2″ is “TERIYAKI BT-15 : Kureha Momiji”.

    >Amaenbou : Kureha Momiji Kureha Momiji Studio Teriyaki Buri no Teriyaki Japorn

    And you have already posted it up.

    > Amaenbou – Kureha Momiji

    This is …

    “TERIYAKI PT-47 Is There Anything I Can Do to Help? – Shino Mizusawa”.

    >Is There Anything I Can Do to Help? : Shino Mizusawa Shino Mizusawa Studio Teriyaki Pork Teriyaki Japorn

    Thank you.

  2. ST27 says:

    Sorry, It seems I made a mistake.
    This DVD contains both “Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?” and “Amaenbou”.

  3. ST27 says:

    It’s strange that two actress names are on the cover pic.
    I mean “中村シノ” reads “Nakamura Shino”.
    As your screenshot, it seems there is one actress in both scenes.
    Am I wrong?

    This is Japanese page.
    >新入社員はメガネっ娘 : 中村しの 中村しの スタジオテリヤキ ポークテリヤキ 裏DVD,無修正DVD・裏DVD販売 アダルトビデオ

    “中村しの” and “中村シノ” are the same. (Nakamura Shino)

    Where is Shino Mizusawa…?

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